Real Life

Real Life: My boyfriend proposed with pizza!

Cynthia, 23, never expected her pizza-making class to have such a delicious ending...

By Lauren Irvine

Cynthia, 23, from Melbourne, shares her true life story.

I sprinkled some salami and prosciutto onto the pizza base, before covering it with mozzarella.
"Perfect," I said, admiring my masterpiece.
My boyfriend Michael, 29, and I were celebrating our fifth anniversary.
Usually, we ate at 400 Gradi, the restaurant where we'd had our first date.
But this year, Michael had won us a private pizza-making lesson at that same restaurant through social media.
It was our absolute favourite food.
Michael and me on the day- he knows me so well!
We learnt how to make the dough so the base would be perfectly crisp, then covered it in the most delicious toppings.
After we put our pizzas in the oven, the chef asked to take a picture of us.
As he held up the camera, I turned to look at Michael.
I gasped as I saw him holding two heart-shaped pizzas that read, 'Will you marry me?'
Just then family and friends came in as Michael got down on one knee.
"Yes!" I cried, giving him a hug.
It was such a romantic and fun way to propose.
Everyone cheered as Michael placed the gorgeous pear-shaped diamond on my finger.
Then he explained that we hadn't actually won the pizza lesson and that he'd been planning the perfect proposal for weeks.
"I wanted to propose to you in the same spot we had our first date five years ago," Michael said. "Plus, I know you love pizza!"
I hadn't suspected a thing but it couldn't have been more perfect.
Everyone stayed on for a lovely lunch at the restaurant. Sadly, we'd forgotten all about the pizza we'd made and never got to eat it!
Michael gave me a stunning diamond ring.
We plan to tie the knot next year in the same place where we met at the Docklands in Melbourne.
Until then, we've been organising our engagement party, which will be Italian themed.
We'll be serving up sumptuous pasta, a cheese wheel and of course, pizza from 400 Gradi.
I couldn't have asked for a more delicious fairytale.

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