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10 of the most bonkers Take 5 life hacks of all time

Kathleen, our legendary tips guru, has shared some corkers over the years.

By Take 5 team
Over the years, Take 5's Kathleen has tested out hundreds of reader tips and life hacks sent into the mag.
Tricks to fix a broken slipper and handle sweaty armpits might sound like need-to-know knowledge, but these particular tricks are - let's say - pretty unconventional.
We've rounded up the best that have come across the Take 5 tips desk right here. And while they might not change your life, they'll definitely give you a giggle...
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10 crazy life hacks

1. Texting hack
"If you have chubby fingers, type out your text on a phone using a cotton bud. It's so much easier." - Marjorie Carter, Adelaide, SA
2. Slipper hack
"When my old slippers finally broke this year, I was shocked to realise how expensive a new pair cost. To save money, I decided to create a pair out of spare sanitary pads. I even decorated them with some craft bits and bobs I had lying around. I think they're cuter than anything I saw in the shops!" - Lisa Wilson, Chermside, Qld
3. Handbag hack
"If you need a clutch bag in an emergency, just put your bank cards, lipstick and car keys into a pita bread. But remember to always hold it the right way up!" - Bianca Rossi, Beecroft, NSW
4. Popcorn hack
"Put on your hooded jumper backwards and pour popcorn directly into the hood. No bowl, no clean up! It's the best way to enjoy the popcorn". - Danica Quinn, Fairfield, Vic
5. Toothpaste hack
"If you're hosting a dinner party and don't have a lot of cash, make alternative after-dinner mints. Simply freeze a tube of toothpaste, then cut it open and slice the contents into wafer-thin pieces to produce your very own treats. They look cool and will give your guests fresh breath." - Rebecca Smith, Elderslie, NSW
6. Sweat hack
"Use a panty liner to block sweat and deodorant stains in your favourite tops." - Sophia Gardener, Seaford Rise, SA.
7. Toilet hack
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"I keep a trumpet in the toilet and blow on it whenever i'm doing a number two to warn my family not to use the bathroom for a couple of minutes." - Terri Dawlish, Liverpool, NSW
8. Recycling hack
"At the cinema, we bought soft drinks and popcorn. When the movie finished, we took our empty drink containers home. They make a great 'designer' toothbrush holder." - Liz Smith, Petrie, Qld
9. Fireplace hack
"If you don't have a fireplace, just go to the website www.internetfireplace.com and relax in front of the everlasting fireplace on your computer screen." - Letitia Wood, Kiama, NSW
"If you want a summer glow without splashing out on expensive bronzers, just dab your make-up brush into some hot chocolate powder and sweep it over your cheeks. It will give you a sun-kissed glow - just don't lick your face!" - Jolene Bradley, Apsley, Qld
Bonus hack (One of Take 5's personal favourites)
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"If I spot a salesman approaching my house, I slip on my silly hat before answering. When they see my ridiculous headwear, they make a hasty retreat." - Veronica Bath, Chippendale, NSW

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