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Baby wakes from coma days after doctors urged parents to pull life support

My little wonder can smile at me, finally continuing to battle.

It was case of medical opinion versus parents' love, and situation that needed a miracle.
A father in France managed to film the incredible moment his daughter woke from life support after doctors almost pulled the plug.
One-year-old Marwa, who is from Marseilles, France, had been placed in a medically-induced coma since September after she contracted a serious virus, reports Inside Edition.
Doctors at Marseille’s La Timone hospital allegedly believed she wouldn’t wake up and if she did she would be severely disabled.
“Doctors think she will never be able breathe on her own,” her father, Mohamed Bouchenafa, wrote on an online petition that the family started the petition to raise money to take the case to court.
Spurred on by more than 115 thousand signatures, Marwa’s parents fought to keep their daughter alive for as long as possible and the family was granted a two month extension in court.
Then, ten days later, Marwa defied all the odds and awoke, unassisted.
Mr Bouchenafa captured the moment in a video posted to Facebook.
“My little wonder can smile at me, finally continuing to battle,” Bouchenafa wrote in an update, according to Inside Edition. “Her face has softer traits than normal … but her condition remains stable, aside from a fever from time to time.”
Marwa is still receiving treatment, her father said.
VIDEO: Watch one-year-old Marwa wake up from her coma

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