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Meet the TV stars who happily traded in fame and fortune for a regular life

They walked away from the big time, with zero regrets!

Being a celebrity sounds great on paper, but life in the spotlight isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Many Aussie TV stars have actively chosen to live a normal life away from the bright lights - and they're all the happier for it!
You've seen these actors on Home and Away, Neighbours and even Heartbreak High, but these TV stars chose a more regular path after their time in the spotlight!
Keep on scrolling to see which celebs have chosen to trade in the big time for the quiet life.

Jason Smith

Jason and H&A co-star Chris Hemsworth. Image: Supplied
Famous for: Making us laugh as lanky teen Robbie Hunter in Home And Away.
These days: Radio broadcaster.
Thanks to his scene-stealing role as Robbie Hunter in Home And Away, Jason was one of the most recognisable faces on Australian TV between 2003 and 2006.
Robbie brought a little fun to the Bay in the early noughties, often getting into trouble alongside his best pal Kim Hyde (played by future A-lister Chris Hemsworth).
Robbie's relationship with Tasha (Isabel Lucas) remains one of the all-time great Summer Bay romances, and we cried teenage tears of sadness when he left the show.
Jason, 34, took a break from acting before jumping ship to radio in 2016, when he joined Nova FM.

Kyal Marsh

Famous for: Breaking hearts as Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours.
These days: Runs his own construction business.
He started off as a child genius and ended up the bad-boy hunk.
But whichever version you preferred, there's no forgetting Boyd.
Kyal joined Neighbours in 2002 and spent five years engrossed in some seriously intense storylines – who can forget the time Boyd took steroids!
Kyal rose to fame on Neighbours. Image: Supplied
Kyal quit the show in 2007, criticising producers for the way his exit was handled.
Perhaps it's not surprising he left acting behind, choosing instead to learn a trade.
Kyal, 31, is now the managing director at Fitzroy Shopfitting & Building, a construction company in Melbourne.
Kyal has left acting behind! Image: Supplied

Zoe Tuckwell-Smith

Zoe (far left) and the Winners & Losers gals Image: Supplied
Famous for: Part of the fab four in Winners & Losers.
These days: Life coach.
Winners & Losers was appointment viewing for most people during its five-year run.
When it ended in 2016, much of the cast went on to new shows. But not Zoe.
Instead, the actress, now known as Zoe Gameau, focused her energy on becoming a life coach.
Zoe is a life coach! Image: Instagram
She works at the Centre For Mind Body And Wellness in Mullumbimby in northern NSW.
Zoe also co-wrote the book That Sugar Guide with her husband and fellow former actor Damon Gameau.

Amelia Frid

Amelia graced our screens as Cody Wills on Neighbours. Image: Supplied
Famous for: Playing Cody Willis in Neighbours in the late 1980s.
These days: Clinical psychologist.
Debuting on screens in 1989, Amelia played the first incarnation of Cody Willis in Neighbours.
During her two-year spell, Cody quickly became a fan favourite, famous for her on-again, off-again pursuit of Todd (Kristian Schmid).
Today, she's more focused on matters of the mind. Image: Facebook
After leaving in 1991, Amelia focused on studying, completing a degree in psychology.
She never returned to acting, and these days works as a clinical psychologist.

Sebastian Goldspink

Sebastian started out on Heartbreak High Image:Instagram
Famous for: Loveable geek Charlie Byrd in Heartbreak High.
These days: Art curator.
Heartbreak High was a revelation when it debuted in 1994, shining a light on the reality of life for high school students.
Sebastian joined the show in the fourth season, playing computer geek Charlie Byrd.
He notched up more than 50 episodes before departing in 1997.
He's kept in touch with former co-star Ada Nicodemou Image: Instagram
Sebastian added a few more acting gigs to his résumé, including a stint on All Saints, but eventually found his true calling as an 
art curator.
He now runs Alaska Projects, a high-end curating business in Sydney that promotes new and upcoming artists.

Christie Hayes

Famous for: Being drama magnet Kirsty Sutherland in Home And Away.
These days: Breakfast radio host.
At just 13, Christie stormed Summer Bay as Kirsty Sutherland, the fierce teenager with nothing to lose.
Christie had two stints in Home And Away, between 2000 and 2005 and for a year in 2008.
Kane and Kirsty's romance shocked the Bay. Image: Supplied
Her character infamously fell in love with Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell), who'd assaulted her older sister Dani (Tammin Sursok).
It remains one of the Bay's edgiest storylines. Stepping away from acting, Christie took on a breakfast radio role in 2017 with i98FM on the NSW South Coast and recently married her long-term partner in a secret ceremony.

Josh Horner

Famous for: Being the nasty judge on Dancing With The Stars.
These days: Real estate agent.
For five seasons, the best part about Dancing With The Stars was hearing what Josh had to say about someone's performance.
With quips as quick as his feet, the former Broadway star made a memorable judge.
Josh was a critical judge on DWTS!
After a move to Los Angeles and a stint working with Disney, Josh returned home this year and completed a professional pirouette of his own, becoming a real estate agent.
He's now selling houses on 
the NSW Central Coast.
Leaving acting behind, he sell houses on the NSW Central Coast. Image: Getty

Fleur Beaupert

Fleur (centre) dominated soapies in the 90's. Image:Instagram
Famous for: Solid stints in Home And Away and Heartbreak High.
These days: Policy officer and university lecturer.
If you loved Australian TV in 1997, chances are you were a fan of Fleur.
That year, the actress appeared in 68 episodes of Home And Away and 39 episodes of Heartbreak High.
She was everywhere – until she wasn't.
Now she's an academic. Image: Showcast
In the late '90s, Fleur stepped away from the limelight to focus on academia.
She studied law, specialising in legal reform and mental health.
Today she works as a policy officer for children and young people with Disability Australia.

Bridie Carter

Famous for: Taking our breath away as farm girl Tess in McLeod's Daughters.
These days: Actually being a real farm girl at Byron Bay.
Bridie became a household name as Tess on McLeod's Daughters. Image: Supplied
In what seems to be an unusual case of life imitating art, Bridie spends her days tucked away on a farm in the Byron Bay hinterland in northern NSW.
It's an amusing twist of fate for the actress who spent six seasons playing country girl Tess McLeod in McLeod's Daughters.
She's also a real-life farm girl! Image: Instagram
Bridie lives on the land with her husband and two kids, and although she recently appeared in 800 Words, the acting work hasn't 
been prolific.
There has been talk of a McLeod's reunion – in which case, dust off the Akubra and head for Drover's Run.
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