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Heartwarming: Aussie Santa grants SA family’s Christmas wish

Oh my goodness, I just want to cry, thank you.

A South Australian mother is overjoyed to track down the real-beared Santa that had managed keep the Christmas spirit alive for her twins since they were newborns.
Adelaide mum Kerry took to social media to appeal to local parents to help her find a Santa with genuine beard because the Kris Kringle they’d been going to see since her kids were born had been replaced by a Claus with a fakey – and her son wasn’t having any of it.
“They had one with a fake beard and my son refused to have his photo taken or give his letter to Santa and this year Big W are not doing them at all,” Kerry wrote of last year’s dilemma on Facebook page Play & Go Adelaide.
Kerry said she was desperate to find someone her son would trust because she explained, “I think this will be the last year he’ll believe.”
The mum’s Christmas wish was picked up and answered by just the man she was after; Santa.
Despite having shaved off his actual beard, Santa Ian responded to Kerry’s post and explained that the local shopping centre now had gone through agencies and while he was assigned to spread Christmas cheer somewhere else, he hadn’t forgotten about the kids he’s seen regularly in years past.
“I am so sorry you had problems last year at Big W,” wrote Ian. “I worried about you last year how you might have got on knowing that I have been your own personal Santa for so many years (I started there in 2004).”
Source: Play & Go Adelaide Facebook.
While the devoted Mr Clause did confess to shaving off his beard he said he’d invested in a very good quality imported one and said it was hard to tell the difference.
"It is so realistic I don't think your lad will notice, but I cannot promise that. I do hope to get to see you and receive their treasured lists."
Ian then offered to see the kids in his new location - a proposal Kerry seemed keen to snap up.
"Oh my goodness, I just want to cry, thank you," she said.
The whole conversation was also caught by Santa Ian’s daughter, who added her own moving comment to the thread.
“See Dad, we always knew who Santa was and have never stopped believing in you. You bring so many smiles to so many children and do some wonderful work with kids who are afraid of Santa or have needs that are different to other children. Reading these comments brought a tear to my eyes knowing how much you have changed young lives.”
Now this is a great Christmas tale…
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