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Aussie granny: My husband loves that I’m a prostitute!

At 61, “Granny Angel” Cathryn reckons she’s finally found her dream job, working for famous call girl Samantha X (pictured) at her new high-class escort agency.

Samantha X

Former journalist Amanda Goff, who was famously outed last year as her alter-ego, high-class hooker Samantha X, has today launched an elite escort agency Samantha X Angels – and the 12 women she’s hand-selected to tend to her clients are not what you’d expect.

Samantha says she was inundated for applications from around the world for women to become "Angels" at her new Sydney based business venture, but it was “educated, smart women” who made the final cut.

One is an aspiring lawyer, another woman survived a life-threatening illness, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, one is a 61-year-old married grandmother-of-six named Cathryn.

Cathryn, or “Granny Angel” as Samantha affectionately describes her, rakes in anywhere from $800 per hour to $4500 per night – and clients pay for time slots rather than sex acts.

Cathryn, who can't be identified, says her clients "love me for me" - much like her hubby does.
Cathryn, who can't be identified, says her clients "love me for me" - much like her hubby does.

At an age when most women are enjoying retirement or the twilight of their careers, Cathryn (whose surname cannot be disclosed) has a renewed lease on life thanks to her changed employment path.

“I love men and being an escort is something I’ve always wanted to try,” she tells Woman’s Day. “My life is now full of excitement. I get dressed up, I look beautiful – before this my corporate life was full of stressful deadlines, and angry, anxious people.”

And here’s the real hook – Cathryn is married, and her husband couldn’t be more proud of the fact that she earns an income by sleeping with other men.

“When I was accepted, my husband said he wanted to punch the air and scream, ‘My wife’s an Angel!’” she reveals. “He fully supports me and wants all the details when I get home from a shift. He loves my stories and can’t wait for the next one!”

Cathryn reveals to us that her grandchildren are all toddlers and babies, and that she is keeping her new life a secret from her children.

“I trust they’ll never find out,” she says. “All my children love me very much, and I’m sure they would accept my decision to do whatever I want with my life as I have with them.”

When Samantha discovered the woman she was about to interview was 61, she tells Woman’s Day that she decided she would “be polite and meet her”. But Cathryn made the right impression from the start.

“This warmth and sensuality radiated from her. She made me feel calm and comfortable, and I knew men would feel the same,” she says. “She was clutching a David Jones bag and said, ‘I was a bit early for my interview, darling, so I went and bought some stockings and suspenders.’ She had me at suspenders!”

Samantha, formerly known as Amanda Goff, feels empowered by the women she's employed.
Samantha, formerly known as Amanda Goff, feels empowered by the women she's employed.

According to Samantha, the clientele at Samantha X Angels aren’t always after sex.

“The majority… want warmth, understanding, companionship, and conversation just as much as anything else,” says the 40-year-old mother of two.

Samantha, who authored the book Hooked, Secrets of a High-Class Call Girl, outed herself as a escort last year on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program. The revelation caused national backlash and her story went global, with international newspapers such as UK's The Sun delving into her story.

She continues to face outrage, but behind the scenes, Samantha has concentrated on training her select group of women to launch careers just like hers.

Each Angel has been coached by Samantha on what to wear, how to listen, etiquette, what lingerie men prefer, as well has how to trust their intuition about each date.

Samantha says most men just want companionship from real women.
Samantha says most men just want companionship from real women.

Fellow Angel Jane, who is in her 40s and comes from a corporate background, describes her new job as “being treated like a goddess.”

“The clients and I have intelligent conversation and we laugh a lot. Sex isn’t why a lot of them are there. In fact, I have a client who prefers to chat over a cheese platter and wine, most of the time.”

Samantha adds, “My clients aren’t looking for Disney models. They’re after real women. Some are mums, some have scars, and only one of them has breast implants. It’s very empowering.”

Samantha mostly leaves the escorting to her Angels these days, but tells us she still sees the occasional client for $1500 per hour.

“There are a few long-term ones that I love like old friends and I can’t let them go,” she says. “This is the profession that I have loved more than any other. It has taught me compassion and patience, and it has taught me that the most beautiful souls are hidden under the most unlikely shells.”

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