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Aussie girl marrys the real Percy from Harry Potter

An Aussie tells Sandra white how she fell under the spell of the man J.K. Rowling based her character on.
When Aussie woman Sarah Harris is asked how she met husband Chris, she tells you it was magic. After all, he’s one of the Weasleys – or, at least, the family which inspired the famous wizardry family in J.K. Rowling’s best-selling Harry Potter series.
While she didn’t know that then, superstitious Sarah, who was teaching in London when she met Chris in a lunch queue eight years ago, says she somehow felt she was destined to find her true love in the United Kingdom.
“I believe in the occult and something told me to go to England and I would meet a man,” Sarah tells Woman’s Day. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw this drop-dead gorgeous guy in the lunch line at the school we both taught at.
“It was love at first sight – it was like electricity,” she says.
“I was captivated by his magic. I truly believe he cast a spell on me, and we were engaged within six weeks.”
But it wasn’t until several years later that Sarah learnt J.K. Rowling was a family friend and had put the Harris clan into her books.
“My in-laws are Mr and Mrs Weasley,” she laughs. “My brother-in-law, Sean, is Ron Weasley and my husband is Percy Weasley.
The Weasley twins are my brother-in-law Matthew, and Ginny Weasley is my sister-in-law Anne Marie.”
While J.K. Rowling has confirmed many times that the Weasleys are based on the Harris clan, none of them have ever spoken about how they became the famous fiction family ... until now.

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