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ANZAC Day Tribute: Australian Army band’s emotional cover of I Was Only 19

The Lancer Band, an army band made up of soldier-musicians, released a beautiful cover of 'I was only 19' for Anzac day.

By Woman's Day team
**Elizabeth Smith, 22, an Army reservist, spoke about the emotional recording of the touching song as a tribute for ANZAC day.
"The four of us had a play of it and it felt really special, and we did a quick recording, in one take," Elizabeth told ninemsn.
"We were close to tears by the end. It all hit us very hard.
"With that song there is so much imagery, it's hard not to get drawn into the story."
Watch the song in the video player above
The Regimental Band was originally formed in 1891, and consists of Elizabeth, Richard Coward, Chris Hand and Tom Urquhart.
The iconic Australian song, I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green), was written by Redgum guitarist-vocalist John Schumann.
John was inspired to write about the difficulties a traumatised veteran has in adjusting back to civilian life after the Vietnam, those sentiments ring true for those who served at Gallipoli.
For Elizabeth, the song plays a huge role as she had family who served in Gallipoli.
"We need to remember what Australia has become and not forget who made the country what it is," she said.
"Now more than ever, it's easy to lose sight of those things and the sacrifices made.
"When you get back to the simplicity of the Anzac legend, the mateship, it speaks volumes. We have to keep it alive."

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