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EXCLUSIVE: Why Anne Melocco will always stand by her husband disgraced cop Roger Rogerson

The wife of disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson still visits him in the prison where he will die.

It’s hard not to notice the immaculately groomed woman waiting patiently outside Long Bay jail. With not a hair out of place, Anne Melocco doesn’t look like your typical jailhouse visitor.
The second wife of Australia’s most corrupt cop, Roger “the Dodger” Rogerson, insists she will stand by him until the end, despite rumours he was planning to divorce her in a bid to secure her financial future.
Toni Collette as Anne Melocco
Richard Roxburgh as Roger Rogerson
“She lied for him, stuck by him and, to the shock of friends, hung in there,” Duncan McNab explained.
Duncan, a former police officer, wrote the biography Roger Rogerson.
“I have no doubt for the rest 
of her days – and his – she will continue to stand by him and 
I doubt she’ll ever stop visiting him. She’s obsessed with him, something I believe will always be the case until the day one 
of them dies.”
Before he was uncovered as 
a cold-blooded killer, Roger, now the subject of TV miniseries Blue Murder: Killer Cop, was one of Australia’s most decorated police officers, wielding justice against Sydney’s crooks and underworld figures – but he was playing both sides of the fence.
“Before the fall, he was lauded as the best we had, the bloke you’d turn to for the toughest cases when the job had to be done by any means,” Duncan remarked.
Be sure to pick up a copy of Woman's Day magazine for Duncan's chilling interview about Roger.

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