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Age gap love: I had no idea my girlfriend was 20 years older than me!

I wasn't sure if people would approve of our relationship but I knew I'd found The One.

Tiffany Baxter, 48, from Chroma, NSW, shares her real life love story;

My heart raced as I twirled to the song blasting through the speakers.
I'd always been a keen dancer and had been coming to swing dancing classes with my girlfriend to try something new.
Scanning the pub, I noticed a petite woman.
Her bright smile caught my eye and I could tell she had a bubbly personality – but because we both danced the same part in the swing routine, we never got to dance together.
A few days later, my email inbox pinged with a message.
It was the woman from class!
She introduced herself as Dot.
Dot (right) and I are perfectly in sync. (Image exclusive to Take 5)
Would you like to have a coffee with me? she asked.
Always looking to meet new people, I agreed.
I'd just split with my partner, so over the next year Dot and I became close friends, enjoying dinners and going to dances.
Then, one day, she cancelled our plans. The disappointment I felt took me by surprise.
Do I have feelings for Dot? I wondered. Perhaps she feels the same way?
The next week, we were celebrating Dot's birthday when she surprised me and we shared our first kiss.
Our wedding day was magical. (Image exclusive to Take 5)
"I've got something to tell you," she confessed. "I'm 68."
I'd never have guessed there was over 20 years between us, but that just made her all the more impressive!
Age didn't matter. I knew I'd found something special with Dot.
We cuddled on the couch as Australia passed the same-sex marriage law.
"I'm so relieved," I smiled, sniffing back happy tears.
The following year, Dot and I wed in a small ceremony on the beach, surrounded by our loved ones.
Dot and I wed in a small ceremony on the beach. (Image exclusive to Take 5)
"I've always wanted to meet somebody who loved themselves enough to love me," I told Dot in my vows.
"I've found that with you."
We've since returned to dancing as a married couple – and it just goes to show that love can swing into your life when you least expect it!

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