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Wasa-baby! Zoe Foster Blake shares adorable new snap of Rudy Blake

This sushi-themed photo has Sonny’s little sister rollin’ right into our hearts.
Zoe Foster Blake

Since welcoming her and Hamish Blake’s sweet new addition, Zoe Foster Blake has stayed relatively mum in sharing updates of daughter Rudy’s first few weeks.

Now, in an Instagram story almost too cute for words, the mother-of-two has gifted the world with the little cherub’s most adorable snap yet.

All wrapped up in a teeny-tiny green sleeping bag, little Rudy, who’s named after Zoe’s mother Gertrude, stares up at the camera.

And in true Blake style, the 37-year-old accompanied the snap with a hilarious caption that read: “edamame”.

Little Rudy is a little pea in a pod!

Papa Hamish recently spoke exclusively with TV Week of this special time in his family’s lives, revealing he’s taken four weeks’ paternity leave to really bond with his new daughter.

“It’s very exciting,” the 35-year-old grins. “I’m aware that the period we’re in right now is special. I want to make sure I’m present for it.”

For the comedian, this means scaling back his responsibilities on radio and TV to make time 
for the double dose of nappies
and tiny-tot tantrums.

But Hamish is certain there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

“It’s the same with anybody – you can’t make your life all work or all play,” he explains.

“I’m happy we’re more on the side of spending quality time with Sonny and his sibling, because
you realise it [time] goes very fast.

“I’m lucky to be in a position where I can take time to be there.”

While parenting may not be new to the couple, Hamish admits he and Zoe still face learning curves every day.

“We have three years of experience under our belts now,” Hamish says. “We’ll probably trick ourselves into thinking we know what we’re doing and then make the same mistakes all over again. But I think that’s just parenthood.”

Rudy joins big brother Sonny.

While Zoe enjoys this special time cuddling Sonny Blake’s little sister, Hamish, sadly, must observe from afar.

Speaking recently to Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little on their Hit network radio show, the comedian revealed he’s battling a “terrible virus.”

“Since Rudy’s been born … She’s lovely, and I enjoy looking at her from a distance or behind a surgical mask, but you’re right now talking to a guy with pink eye and a lot of stuff going on,” he told the pair.

“Everyone’s saying ‘Enjoy the baby bubble, enjoy the baby bubble’ — I’m in a Hazmat bubble! I have to go through the full ebola washdown before I can get near my child.”

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He caught the nasty illness from his from his three-year-old son Sonny — a.k.a social media’s cutest baby — and will continue to exercise caution until he’s A-OK.

Hamish also explained the darling inspiration behind the new arrival’s name.

“It’s related to Gertrude, which is actually Zoë’s Mum’s name, Gertie,” he said. “So the ‘rude’ in Gertrude… yeah it’s not very interesting!” he said.

And when asked how his wife Zoe, 36, was going he replied with: “Champion. Champion birth. Inspirational. Ultimate mum.”

Keep the snaps coming, Zoe!

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