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Your say: Should parents put naked photos of their kids online?

Concerns have been raised over parents putting naked photos of their children on social networking sites and online galleries.

If your friends have children, chances are they have some photos of their kids on their Facebook, Twitter or Flickr account in varying degrees of undress.
To parents, friends and family, that cute picture of their bare-bummed toddler at the beach or running around in a nappy is completely harmless, but in the US concerns have been raised about photos of this nature falling into the wrong hands.
MSNBC details the case of Alma Vasquez, a Utah mother who was accused of sexual exploitation after she took photos of her baby in the bath in for processing.
Charges against Vasquez were dropped, but she was arrested, spent time in jail and had her baby taken away from her for a period of time.
Another mother, Nicole Saupe, had a photo of her nappy-clad child downloaded three times by complete strangers after loading it onto an online gallery.
Two main concerns are that photos of a completely innocent nature could be misconstrued as sexual, or could be copied or downloaded by paedophiles and child predators.
What do you think?
Should parents put naked photos of their kids online?

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