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Yogi mum slammed for breastfeeding while doing a handstand

The internet reckons she’s gone too far.

Any new mum knows it’s hard to make the time the time to exercise when you have bub. Well Instagram user Mottajuice has solved that balancing act, combining her love for fitness while not comprising the care for her bub.

She performs handstands while her daughter Julie Ann leans forward for a feed.
Impressive, right?
The photo was subsequently shared by another user on Facebook, reports Daily Mail, where it's divided opinions.
"Ladies how do we feel about this?" the user wrote on the post. "I feel like that's a woman who still cares about her figure, wants to work out but has a hungry baby. Fair play to her!"
However others were not as thrilled with her moves, labelling her a "weirdo" and questioning whether she would injure her child should she lose her balance and fall.
So, what do YOU think?

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