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Yoga instructor murders her own twin

A woman has been charged with the murder of her identical twin who was the passenger in the car that she drove off a cliff.

A woman is accused of killing her identical twin sister who was the passenger in her car by driving off a cliff and leaving her to die.
Alexandria Duval has been charged with murder of her sister Anastasia, both 37, when they were travelling on Hana Highway in Maui on May 29. Their car then plunged 200ft off a cliff and crashed into a rock wall.
Anastasia died at the scene and Alexandria was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. She then tried to flee the state last week, but was arrested.
Alexandria Duval in court
Hawaii News Now reports that witnesses at the scene of the crash claim the two sisters were arguing before the car fell off the cliff, with one person saying they saw the passenger pulling the driver’s hair.
“There were hands pulling her head down like this, and her head was jerking,” the witness said.
The crash site
Both women are yoga instructors and live in Florida, US. They were both arrested last year on Christmas Eve for disorderly conduct, reports KHON2.
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