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Woman with breast cancer fined for wearing altered seatbelt

She was issued a $360 fine.
Woman with breast cancer fined for wearing altered seatbelt

A woman has been fined $360 for wearing an altered seatbelt to help alleviate pain caused by her breast cancer-related operation.

Lin Riley, 68, was pulled over for a Random Breath Test on Oxford Street in Sydney when the officer questioned what was on her seatbelt, news.com.au reports.

A one-inch bulldog clip was attached to the seatbelt retractor above her right shoulder.

In its regular form, her seatbelt applied “great discomfort” to her chest when driving so she placed the clip for comfort.

“It just lifts the belt away from my chest just a small amount so it doesn’t go tight across my left side and cause me pain,” Mrs Riley said.

When the officer noticed the clip, she explained her condition to which he replied, “That’s not my problem.’”

She was told she had breached the rules and after waiting 35 minutes, she was issued a $360 fine.

According to NSW Transport, Mrs Riley had in fact broken the law because she didn’t have a medical certificate with her at the time.

However, a police spokesman have since apologised to Mrs Riley.

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