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Woman suffers horrific injuries after being ‘ripped to pieces’ by kangaroo

The Melbourne woman was out her morning run when she was mauled. Warning: graphic content.

A personal trainer has had to undergo emergency surgery following a kangaroo attack.
Debbie Urquhart, 54, says the roo ripped her biceps and deltoid muscles down to the tendon, and she suffered cuts and abrasions on her back. She suffered multiple wounds and her arms and buttocks had to be stitched up in Austin Hospital.
Ms Urquhart was mauled as she went her morning jog in Melbourne’s north-east.
She said the roo repeatedly kicked her and “threw me around like a rag doll”.
“He ripped me to pieces,” she continued.
The PT ran 500 metres back to her home after pretending she was dead to stop the attack.
"I was running through a little track in the grass and he came out of nowhere," Ms Urquhart told 3AW.
"He was massive ... he knocked me down and I was screaming and the more I was screaming, the more he was going for me.
"He sort of pushed me down with his back feet and then just sort of clawed at me, by me protecting myself, that's how my arm was ripped so badly, he could have got my stomach or something.
"I was trying to protect myself and then as soon as I stopped screaming he stopped, and I hid in the grass, I sort of crawled away."
Ms Urquhart said she’s determined to bounce back from the attack but she won’t be running near the track again.

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