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Woman loses sister twice after thieves steal the 27-year-old's ashes

The ring was stolen despite it clearly marked as made from cremated remains.

By Kate Wagner
A Melbourne woman has had to deal with the devastating heartbreak of losing her sister all over again after thieves stole her ashes.
Suzie Elphinstone lost her sister Erin in a tragic car accident and in an attempt to always keep her close, she had her ashes placed into a specially made ring engraved with her name.
Erin Elphinstone with friend.
The “cremation ring” was made in the Netherlands and when Suzie went to collect it from her Melbourne PO Box, the package had been cut open and the ring was missing.
“When I went to open the box I noticed that the box was cut and only clear tape on one side was holding the lid together,” she told news.com.au.
“Inside the box was just shredded paper and the invoice stating that the item was a cremated piece of jewellery.”
She was devastated at the thought of not being able to recover the special trinket and took to Facebook to ask anyone that sees the ring online or at a pawn shop to contact her.
Although Suzie contacted AusPost, the investigation could take weeks and the ring may never be found.
Erin Elphinstone, 27, was only minutes from her home when she lost control of her car and died in Melbourne’s outer east.
At the time, her father Garry described his daughter as “good kid” who was “adventurous and free-spirited”.
“I'm just very heart broken because my sister is a part of the ring and it was stated within the package that it was a piece of jewellery made from cremated remains,” Suzie told 7 News Online.
If you have any information about the missing ring, please email suzie.kate_91@hotmail.com.