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Woman finds brown snake in her Ugg boot

Snake Catchers Adelaide were called to remove the reptile.

It’s a slow start to snake season in Adelaide, and one eastern brown snake found the perfect place to keep cosy – unfortunately, that just happened to be inside a shoe belonging to a local resident.
The woman, from Moana, went to collect her Ugg boots from outside her house and saw a brown tail disappear inside one of the shoes before calling Snake Catchers Adelaide to remove the reptile. Catcher Ange Broadstock said:
“We got a call from a woman saying she had seen the tail of a snake going into an Ugg boot.
“When we got there it was all snuggled up in the boot so we just popped the whole thing in the bag.”
The reptile, which was identified as an eastern brown snake, the world’s second most venomous snake, is now safe with the Snake Catchers, where it will remain until the weather warms, when it will be released back into the wild. Ms Broadstock said:
“What happens at this time of year when the weather goes from warm to cold so quickly is snakes get caught out. When it’s warm they can’t wait to get out, but when it gets cold they lose their place. So they snuggle up somewhere warm as soon as they can.”
She also gave some advice to anyone who finds a snake, saying that they should keep the number of a snake handler saved in their phone:
“If someone sees a snake inside their house they need to stay where they are and keep an eye on it. That way it makes it much easier for the handler and also gives the person peace of mind when the snake is caught.”

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