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William Tyrrell’s mother makes heartbreaking new plea

“To just leave him in some random hole is not right.”

Two years after little William Tyrrell disappeared from his grandmother’s yard on the Mid North Coast of NSW, his mother has made a heartbreaking new plea for information about her son’s whereabouts.
His mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says regardless of whether William is dead or alive, she needs to know where her son is.
“To the person, even if William is dead, even if somebody killed him - deliberately or if it was an accident - and you know where he is, he's got to come home,” his mother told The Sunday Telegraph.
“If William is dead then you can't just leave him in some random hole somewhere, it's not right.
“His remains need to be acknowledged and signposted that this is where he is.
“Obviously we want it to be a ¬return where he’s still alive, but either way, he’s got to come back.”
Her statement comes after a $1million reward was confirmed for information that helps lead to the recovery of William.
“Someone knows what happened: you might not be the one who took him, but you know, and you might not be the only person who knows,” Det Ch Insp Jubelin said of the reward, which is the highest ever offered in NSW for information of somebody’s whereabouts.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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