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William Tyrrell campaign slams online “trolls”

The official Where's William Tyrrell campaign claims unofficial groups are defaming them.

Those behind the Where’s William Tyrrell campaign have hit out at an online group they say are falsely claiming to be endorsed by the missing toddler’s family, Yahoo! News reports.
Page administrators wrote a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday in which they accused the group W4W Walking Warriors Australia of being defamatory after they had claimed the campaign was mismanaging funds.
“For those who support this group please know they have no personal connection to William or his family,” the post says.
“To infer that there has been inappropriate management of the funds raised is defamatory.”
The W4W page had posted a public message to the official campaign for William Tyrrell asking why two of the three billboards urging the public to come forward with information about the missing child had been taken down.
“Where have the funds that so many of us donated gone?” the post continued.
The W4W page seeks to promote awareness-raising ideas, including putting the faces of missing children on mock milk cartons, an idea not supported by William Tyrrell’s family.
“None of the actions by these groups or individuals, nor their actions or statements, are welcomed or endorsed by William’s family or the official campaign,” the official page’s post said.
W4W responded on Friday with another Facebook post defending their original post.
“Yesterday many people asked a question regarding William’s billboards being taken down, they also asked where the donations went to as many of us as individuals donated from our own pockets.
“No doubt we were disappointed the billboards were taken down. Missing children should and must be across this country. Our government needs to do more.”

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