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William Tyrell’s grandmother thinks he’s dead

“It has killed me inside. It has killed everyone.”

Nearly 18 months ago, little William Tyrell vanished.
The three-year-old was snatched from his family’s backyard on the NSW mid-north coast wearing his favourite Spiderman suit.
Some of his family still carry hope that he’ll be found and returned home to them, but for his grandmother, Natalie Collins, that hope is gone.
In a heartbreaking interview with the Daily Telegraph, the 56-year-old said: “I wish he was alive but I don’t think he is.”
The stress, distraught and horror of not knowing what happened to her grandson deteriorated her new job and relationship. “With William gone, I couldn’t even concentrate.”
She opened up about the times she wanted to escape the pain and feeling of loss. “There are times when I just haven’t wanted to live.”
“It has been hell. I just kept crying and crying and crying about the whole thing,” she continued.
“It has killed me inside. It has killed everyone.”
Another family member believes the little boy has been pulled into a paedophile ring. “Everything I read in the media about a paedophile ring - it’s like reading a book of what I thought happened,” he says.
Heavy police investigations are still underway.
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