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Prince William teams with Angry Birds to stop illegal poaching of animals

Prince William has teamed up with the popular video game, Angry Birds, in a bid to stop illegal poaching of animals.

Prince William
The 32-year-old royal, who is the president of United for Wildlife, has launched a new version of the game outlining the illegal trade and made a heartfelt plea via a recorded video to encourage people to be part of a movement that says no to the illegal wildlife trade.
"I am working with some of the world's largest conservation organisations to fight the illegal wildlife trade," the Duke of Cambridge said.
"By spreading the message about poaching, I hope you can be part of a movement that says no to poached ivory and rhino horn, and many other animal parts," he said.
"With the help of Angry Birds, we have created an Angry Birds Friends tournament for the Pangolins, so you can have some fun while learning more about them and the wider issue of poaching."
The week-long tournament, which runs from November 17, features animated Pangolins – a species of scaly ant-eaters living in Asia and Africa which are now one of the most critically endangered animals on the planet due to illegal hunting.
"This criminal trade is responsible for the illegal slaughter of tens of thousands of animals a year, famously elephant and rhino," William said. "These species are being pushed to the brink of extinction due to poaching. These magnificent creatures will die out in the wild during my lifetime if we do not take notice now."

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