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The 'No' campaign ad aired during The Bachelor aka the epitome of 'traditional' marriage

Because nothing says conservative marriage like proposing to one of your two girlfriends.

By Kate Wagner
As I’m sure you’re well aware, it was the finale of Bachelor Australia 2017 last night. We saw Matty J forced to painstakingly decide which of his two girlfriends he should pick to spend his life with.
It had been a rough journey, sure. He had 22 almost identical girlfriends (well, show me the diversity?!) who went through trials and tribulations for his attention. And if that doesn't scream traditional romance, I don’t know what does.
At the end, he chose Georgia Love #2 and it made so much sense. They were perfect for each other. They both live in the Eastern suburbs and… yeah, I mean if neither of you ever have to leave the Bondi bubble, what else do you need?
Who cares they only spent a couple of days together – everything in the Bachelor pad is so heightened, it’s practically like years together on the outside.
The show has such groundings in traditional, conservative marriage that it made sense they air an ad for the ‘no’ campaign right in the middle.
Imagine sitting in that meeting room: “Alright guys, we really need to drill down we’re all about protecting the sanctity of marriage – if men marry men what next, bridges?!”
“I’m thinking we pitch the ad during, wait for it, The Bachelor.”
Everyone at the pitch:
Surely the person in charge of choosing when certain ads air thought that maybe this wasn’t the best idea. But then again, thanks to the whole voluntary administration snafu Channel 10 probably isn’t in a place to be rejecting ad revenue.
To be honest, all this does is prove that the no campaign has strayed so far from the “marriage is between a man and a woman” track.
The campaign has positioned the concept of same-sex marriage as an attack on Australian culture as we know it. They rarely bring up the actual question at hand: should gay Australians have the same rights as the straight ones?
They lie talk about safe schools, religious freedom and political correctness and now they’re advertising on a show that undermines everything they claim to admire about marriage.
WATCH: Matty J dumping another one of his girlfriends days before choosing Laura.
On the plus side, the yes campaign aired a ridiculously simple ad of beautiful gay couples getting married - presumably after building a solid, loving relationship over time and through challenges.
It closed with the line, “For every Bachelor and Bachelorette, vote yes” and we’re not crying, YOU ARE.
Also worth noting that marriage equality opponents have spent five times more on TV ads than the yes campaign according to an advertising analytics firm... money that could be spent on feeding the homeless or you know, other Jesus stuff.