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Why Daniel O’Keeffe’s body wasn’t found sooner

A family friend has revealed why missing man Daniel O’Keeffe’s family didn’t notice his body was hidden under their house for five years.

After days of unfair speculation on social media, a family friend has explained why Daniel O’Keeffe’s body remained unnoticed under the family home for five years.
Posting on Facebook, the unnamed friend said they wanted to “clarify” a few facts about Daniel’s disappearance.
“The family home was built 20 years ago and the back half was dug out of a limestone hill,” the friend wrote.
“Dan was found in a tight space between a wall of the house and solid rock earth - a space that is very difficult to access. This area of the building is extremely cool, and would have been especially cold over the first few (winter) months after Dan disappeared.”
Police have confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding Daniel’s death.
Daniel disappeared from his family home in Geelong, Victoria, in July 2011. He had been suffering from depression.
Earlier this month, his remains were found in a “cavity” in the “side of a hill alongside the house” by his father Des, who was digging there.

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