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What's next for Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby
Sources inside Kerobokan suggest the most likely time for Schapelle to be released tomorrow is after the prison's afternoon visiting hours, which conclude at 3pm (6pm AEDT).
It is understood that once her release papers have been signed by the Governor of Kerobokan prison, the 36-year-old Australian will exit the jail and be transported direct to a nearby government office to sign one final set of papers setting out the conditions of her parole.
Prison insiders who have observed the comings and goings of the Corby family over the past year have described to The Weekly the distinctive black SUV with tinted windows favoured by the Corby matriarch, Rosleigh Rose, on recent visits to the jail.
Whether this same car is employed to deliver Schapelle to the freedom for which she has waited nine years, remains to be seen.
What is not open to conjecture is where Schapelle will take her first tentative steps towards rehabilitation to life on the outside.
Under the strict terms of her parole, until July 2017 Schapelle must live with her Indonesian brother-in-law, Wayan Widyartha and her sister Mercedes who currently live with their children in a compound in Kuta.
During this time, Schapelle will be required to check-in monthly with BAPAS - the Balinese corrections authority managing her parole and monitoring her release.
And while all eyes will be on Mercedes' Kuta compound in the coming days, with media already camped outside it, sources report the Corbys may have rented a more private, more secure compound for the first month of Schapelle's release.
Still on the island of Bali (as per the stipulation of Schapelle's parole conditions) but comfortably removed from the popular tourist haunt of Kuta, the rumoured 'secret compound' is believed to be heavily guarded.
It will be here, according to sources, where Schapelle will bunker down in the first days of her new-found freedom and consider her next move.
Whether that includes a tell-all interview is not yet known. And at what price - to the media company that snags it - can so far only be guessed at.

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