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What life’s like for the Obamas now: Michelle’s packing lunches and Malia’s having mozzie issues

And FYI - Michelle and Julie Biden have been in on the jokes about their husbands' bromance all along!

By Lorna Gray
Life for the Obamas after leaving the White House has been pretty sweet. Barack's been living his best life jet-skiing with Richard Branson and Michelle's been putting him to good use in this hilarious #husbandsofinstagram moment.
Not to mention the fact they’ve just signed a multi-million book deal
But don’t let that fool you – the power couple are trying to adjust to being ‘normal’ citizens, according to a recent report in People.
Life's good for Barack!
Obama’s chief of staff Anita Decker Breckenridge spoke to the publication about life for the family after the White House.
Hilariously, Michelle has been making her own packed lunches (just like us, hey!) and the secret service still won’t allow Obama to drive. Old habits die hard?
And the question on everyone’s lips as they left the White House was what would become of Obama’s beloved bromance with Joe Biden has been answered!
“The bromance continues. It’s not ended,” Breckenridge informs People, adding that they’ve seen each other for golf and lunch.
The bromance that inspired a thousand memes has hilariously not gone unnoticed by their wives. Michelle and Dr Jill Biden spoke to People about it (watch below).
Life in their new home is different too. “Every flat surface is covered” in pictures of Sasha and Malia Obama. Cute!
Speaking of Malia, the fresh air she lacked in the tightly-secured White House has come with a new (very normal!) problem now that she can open her windows... mozzies! The former First Daughter is said to be annoyed by the little monsters. And she's never been so relatable!
The family during a White House Christmas.
Sources also confirmed to People, Hillary Clinton has not spoken with Obama since they saw each other at Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Which is sort of surprising. We mean, they'd definitely have a LOT to talk about...

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