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US psychic faces jail, accused of taking almost $1 million from broken-hearted client

Niall Rice, a successful computer programmer lost almost a million dollars to two psychics he confided in after his girlfriend died.

By Caroline Overington
A US psychic will spend a year in prison after allegedly stealing almost $1 million from a broken-hearted client who thought she would be able to help him get his dead girlfriend back.
The New York Times reports on the case of Niall Rice, a successful computer programmer who had almost a million dollars in the bank when he met a girl called Michelle and fell in love.
"We had such a strong connection, it was unbelievable," the 33-year-old told the New York Times.
"I loved her deeply."
But the pair broke up, so Niall went to a psychic shop in Manhattan, where he met two psychics – one called Brandy and another called Christina – who said they could help the pair reunite, even after it was revealed that Michelle had died of a drug overdose.
Among other things, Niall gave Brandy a $40,000 Tiffany ring to "defend against evil spirits" and he paid $100,000 to build a "bridge of gold to another realm" to try to reach his dead girlfriend.
"I just got sucked in," he says.
"It's embarrassing now."
He says Christina, whose real name is Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, promised to reincarnate Michelle. After handing over most of his fortune, Niall pressed charges in May. The psychic can plead guilty to grand larceny in exchange for a year in jail and Niall won’t see his money again.
"I just want justice," he says.
"I just don't want her to do to anyone else what happened to me." He added: "I needed my Mum, really."

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