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Twitter makes reporting harassment easier

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Social media giant Twitter has introduced an easier way for users to report abuse and harassment on the site.
Twitter users can now block and file a report, identify problems and choose from a list of issues (impersonation, private information, harassment, self-harm or suicide). They can also report the degree of harassment.
Starting today we're rolling out an improved way to flag abusive Tweets. See how it works. https://t.co/Yf6cStz0z1
Shreyas Doshi, the director of product management and user safety, said on Twitter's website that the company was rolling out the changes to all users in the coming weeks.
"Everything that happens in the world, happens on Twitter – to the tune of more than 500 million Tweets every day," she said in the post.
"That can sometimes include content that violates our rules around harassment and abuse and we want to make it easier to report such content. So, we’re improving the reporting process to make it much more mobile-friendly, require less initial information, and, overall, make it simpler to flag Tweets and accounts for review. These enhancements similarly improve the reporting process for those who observe abuse but aren’t receiving it directly. And to enable faster response times, we’ve made the first of several behind-the-scenes improvements to the tools and processes that help us review reported Tweets and accounts."

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