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A frosty handshake: Trump and Obama meet at White House

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

President Obama has met with the President-elect, Donald Trump, in the Oval Office at the White House in order to aid in a “successful transition” into leadership.
Thursday’s meeting was a historic encounter and one that was unexpected to happen just days ago.
President Obama, who had spent the past few weeks fiercely campaigning for Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton, described the meeting as “excellent”. The two term leader said he was “encouraged” by their “wide-ranging” conversation which lasted for over an hour.
As for Trump, despite leading the vicious and racist lie about Obama’s birth certificate for much of his presidential race, he said he would "very much look forward" to dealing with President Obama in future.
"I have great respect, the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could've, as far as I'm concerned, it could've gone on for a lot longer," the president-elect said.
"We discussed a lot of different situations - some wonderful and some difficulties."
The president-elect was accompanied by his wife, Melania, who had a meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama.
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