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Tracy Grimshaw: “It was the worst week of my life”

She’s “horrified” her A Current Affair co-star is being investigated for child porn offences.

Tracy Grimshaw prides herself on protecting the vulnerable, so it’s little wonder she’s shaken to the core after the Sex Crimes Squad raided ACA’s headquarters and arrested her long-time colleague Ben McCormack.
“This has been the worst week of my life,” she told close friends, who say she’s so devastated at the betrayal of someone she felt she knew, she can’t even bear to say his name.
“She won’t talk to anyone about it. This really is her worst nightmare.”
“To have someone she worked with and trusted for years arrested for child porn… she’s been staying at home, only leaving to do the show.”
Tracy, 56, was away on assignment when the reporter was arrested last week, but returned to hosting the next night, professional and stern-faced – without one mention of the scandal engulfing ACA.
WATCH: Tracy and Ben discuss the Robert Hughes case. Post continues after the video...
Ben and Tracy have worked closely together for years.
“I honestly don’t think she can bring herself to even talk about it,” one friend says.
“She’s crusaded against paedophiles all her life, and Ben was the reporter who covered the child molestation case of [former Hey Dad..! star] Robert Hughes. It couldn’t get any worse.”
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"She prides herself on her sense of justice and fairness," says a friend.

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