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EXCLUSIVE: Tracy Grimshaw tells The Australian Women’s Weekly - “I’m not crippled by shyness”

Tracy Grimshaw spoke about her supposed 'shyness' and her shock about charges levelled against Ben McCormack.

By Michael Sheather
TV’s Tracy Grimshaw, the long-time host of A Current Affair, has lifted the lid on her private life away from the television studio, revealing to The Australian Women’s Weekly how she has found happiness, contentment and a sense of belonging.
“I live in paradise,” she tells the September issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly. “I love where I live. I am happy – very happy – satisfied and very grateful, too.
In a way this is my sanctuary where I am free to be myself and just be who I am. I’m grateful because I know I am lucky – I have been in the right place at the right time during my career and that has helped me along the way. Of course, it hasn’t all been luck and I’d like to think that I’ve brought something to the table all these years but I know luck has played a big part, too.”
In a far ranging interview, Tracy, 57, talks openly about her life away from the cameras, about getting older, the myth of her supposed “crippling shyness” and her shock at charges levelled against her colleague reporter Ben McCormack and how there is still room in her life for love.
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She rails against tabloid claims that she is “crippled by shyness and so “introverted that it affects her daily life”.
“That is simply not true,” she says. I certainly don’t suffer from anything even remotely like crippling shyness. And I’m really glad to be able to correct that….That’s so not how I live.”
To read more, pick up a copy of the September issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, out now.

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