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'Torquay Museum ghost' spotting terrifies museum staff

Do you believe in ghosts?

Another ‘normal day’ at the Torquay Museum in Devon for local staff has ended in a bit more than a scenic cruise around an old building.
Whilst taking a look around the Museum, which is famous for its freaky artefacts including the mummified remains of a four-year-old Egyptian boy, a group of staff were busy snapping shots when a strange chill came over them.
Brushing it off, they headed home to check the photos they had taken when they discovered this spooky shot of what looks to be an old woman in a white dress rising from the floorboards.
“We saw something in the middle of the photo and when we adjusted the contrast we clearly saw the woman. It was a bit of a surprise and pretty creepy,” said the manager, “From the angle of the photograph it looks like she is submerged into the floor, almost like she is below floor level. There was no one else present when the photo was taken so we are at a loss to explain it. It is a bit of a mystery, and there seems to be no other explanation.”
The snap was taken in May in preparation for their next paranormal tour.

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