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WATCH: Tony Abbott's sister stars in tampon tax parody

As Christine Forster stars in a tampon tax parody this week, Tim Kent speaks to the video's creator, Mia Lethbridge, about working with the Prime Minister's sister.

This hilarious new rap-video parody ridiculing the tampon tax has become an overnight Internet sensation. Created by Sydney based Actor and Director Mia Lethbridge, the satirical clip pays homage to Snoop Dogg’s smash hit ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’.
With killer choreography, slick production values and even a cameo by Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster, the video’s feminist message is as powerful as it is catchy.
These girls certainly don’t pull any punches, with lyrics like "This law is just abysmal, why can’t we be judicial and have us a dismissal, of this unfair taxizzle" sure to cause a stir at the next Abbott family BBQ.
It is estimated the average woman can pay up to $1000 in taxes on menstruation products over a lifetime.
But despite countless protests, petitions and campaigns, menstruation products are still taxed by the government as luxury items.
I spoke with the video’s creator about her process and what it was like working with Ms Forster.
How did you first get in contact with Ms. Forster?
“Chris is a personal friend of mine. Two years ago I worked on a theatre piece about the LGBTI community in Sydney. That's how we became initially became friends.”
Did she have any special conditions, stipulations or deal breakers?
“As a politician, yes, she needed to be careful- but it didn't stop her from having a great time and busting out some moves.”
Was she immediately enthusiastic or did she take some convincing?
“Christine is an elected Liberal Councillor on the City of Sydney and doesn't believe that it’s fair to apply GST to some items and not others, especially when those items are essential. So yes she was supportive of what I was doing.”
Did Christine have any previous music-video experience?
“No (unless you count karaoke), although she was such a great dancer I think she should look into it.”
Mostly importantly, do you think she’ll pass the video on to Tony?
“I have no idea, we can only hope!”
Ms Lethbridge has also said in recent interviews that she believes Australia has a 'pretty outdated attitude around periods'.“I feel like the tax is reflective of this attitude - we are supposed to be a progressive country, yet here we are taxing menstruating Australians.”
This certainly isn’t the first time Christine has been publicly critical of her brother’s policies. In July this year, she openly challenged the Prime Minister to allow his MPs a free vote on a cross-party same-sex marriage bill.
However, despite Queensland MP Warren Entsch’s recent push to vote on the issue, at this time no formal resolution has been achieved.

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