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All the times Ivanka Trump got people seriously riled up

Like her father, the 'First Daughter' isn’t short of controversy, from claims she's reaping the rewards of nepotism, to being ‘complicit’.

By Lorna Gray
Ivanka Trump caught the attention of the world media when she took her father’s place at a table with world leaders at a G20 meeting. Many pondered why on earth Ivanka should be allowed such a privilege and why on earth Donald Trump would let his daughter sit in his place; with most of the opinion that it was nepotism at its absolute worst.
Public opinion of the First Daughter has been shaky. She’s unprecedentedly taken the role of First Lady instead of the actual FLOTUS, Melania Trump . Not that Melania has ever been far from the public eye but it’s been Ivanka firmly at her father’s side at many important meetings. And the businesswoman has certainly riled people up during her father’s historic rise to the White House and subsequent presidency…

1. That beef with Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson fired shots at President Trump’s pride and joy by parodying her in a spoof perfume ad.
For a perfume called ‘Complicit’. So Johansson is basically taking aim at Ivanka being complicit in her father’s views.
Scarlett as Ivanka.
“She's a woman who knows what she wants. And knows what she's doing. Complicit."
The narrator continues: "A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but like how?"
Watch below:
Ivanka responded by saying:
“If being complicit is wanting to ... be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit," she said. "I don’t know that the critics who may say that of me, if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that I am now in, would do any differently than I am doing.”
She continued: “I don’t know what it means to be complicit, but you know, I hope time will prove that I have done a good job, and much more importantly, that my father’s administration is the success that I know it will be," she said.
A “baffled” Johansson fired back:
"You can't have it both ways, right? If you take a job as a public advocate, then you must advocate publicly, right?”

2. That time Ivanka sat in the president’s chair

Yup, Ivanka sitting on Trump’s chairs really grinds people’s gears!
Only this time, it was his seat in the Oval Office.
The picture she posted sitting on arguably one of the most powerful seats in the world sparked outrage.
The picture in question of Ivanka alongside Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau.
One Twitter user noted she was particularly “upset because the first woman in that seat should’ve been the one who earned it.”
Another asked: “How many 'bring your daughter to work' days is this administration going to have?”

3. That time she cut an interview short because she didn't like the questions

It seems Ivanka has inherited her father’s hatred of the press. She famously cut short an interview after being asked about some of her dad’s past comments on childcare and maternity leave.
The interview, which was conducted for Cosmopolitan by Prachi Gupta, was focused on Donald Trump’s new childcare and maternity leave plan.
Ivanka had hoped to highlight the Republicans new childcare policy, which she helped craft and introduce. But she reacted unfavourably when the interviewer asked: “In 2004, Donald Trump said that pregnancy is an 'inconvenient thing for business'. It’s surprising to see this policy from him today. Can you talk a little about these comments, and perhaps what has changed?”
Ivanka replied: “So I think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions. So I don’t know how useful it is to spend too much time with you on this, if you’re going to make a comment like that.” She added that the question was an “unfair characterisation of his track record and his support of professional women”.
Gupta continued: “I would like to say that I’m sorry the questions – you’re finding them negative, but it is relevant that a presidential candidate [at the time] made those comments, so I’m just following up.” To which Ivanka replied: “Well, you said he made those comments. I don’t know that he said those comments.”
Gupta assured Trump that the comments were made in an interview with NBC in 2004 before Ivanka cut the interview short.
Truth can be an inconvenient thing for the Trumps, we guess.

4. Was accused of spruiking her jewelry line on 60 Minutes

When Ivanka Trump appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday alongside Donald Trump, she wore a bracelet from her Fine Jewelry line.
After the interview several journalists reported getting a “style alert” press release that went out about the $10,800 USD gold and diamond piece from Fine Jewelry’s vice president of sales, Monica Marder.
The email reportedly read: "Ivanka Trump wearing her favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection on 60 Minutes.”
In a statement to The Washington Post Abigail Klem, president of the Ivanka Trump brand, said the post-60 Minutes email was sent by a "well-intentioned marketing employee" following "customary protocol."
Klem wrote that Marder, "like many of us, is still making adjustments post-election. We are proactively discussing new policies and procedures with all of our partners going forward."
Her dad then caused a political storm when he slammed retailer Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.
He complained that the retailer had treated Ivanka "so unfairly."
So, to be clear, the president of the United States attacked a public company for dropping his daughter’s clothing line.

5. Her ‘Women who work’ memoir was mercilessly mocked

Women Who Work, Rewriting The Rules for Success, was mocked hard on the internet, particularly due to Ivanka’s revelation of how stressful the 2016 US Presidential campaign was for her.
“Honestly, I wasn’t treating myself to a massage or making much time for self-care," she says. "I wish I could have woken early to meditate for twenty minutes and I would have loved to catch up with the friends I hadn’t seen in three months, but there just wasn’t enough time in the day. And sometimes that happens."
The Trump family certainly make for interesting reading!