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Tilly the terrier falls down a hole, rescuers forced to abandon their mission in saving her

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We think it’s fair to say that pets often become part of the family. This is why when something happens to impact the health and welfare of our pet pooch or cat, it can break us.

This is why we can’t even imagine what Tilly the West Highland Terrier’s owners are going through right now.

Tilly and her owners were going for a walk on Sunday, November 12 in Blaenau Gwen, South Wales when she fell down a hole, becoming trapped on a ledge seven metres below.

And it breaks our hearts to reveal that despite trying to lure Tilly back to safety with food, rescuers have ceased their mission of saving Tilly.

According to the BBC who have been following the story, Tilly won’t move. Not only that, but it’s not known if Tilly is still alive.

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team chairman Gary Mitchell says that with solid rock either side of where Tilly is stranded, “the risk of trying to widen the hole would result in significant amounts of debris falling down on her”.

“This is one of the very few incidents in our 70 years of existence that the outcome is not what we would have hoped for,” he says.

Our thoughts go out to Tilly’s family during this difficult time.

What would you do in this circumstance if Tilly was your dog? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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