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Thunderstorm asthma victims: Two young people who died as a direct result of the storm are named

Hope Carnevali described as a “kind-hearted, beautiful, gorgeous little girl” by her devastated family.

Hope Carnevali was one of two people who died because of the freak ‘thunderstorm asthma’ outbreak in Melbourne.
The 20-year-old lay on her lawn for more than 30 minutes waiting for an ambulance to arrive, while her family desperately performed CPR.
"Just knowing that if they had of gotten there a little bit earlier, the situation might be different is very hard to deal with," Hope's aunt Melissa Carnevali told Seven News.
"My brother tried CPR for 20 minutes, he just kept going, there was nothing he could have done," her uncle John told 9NEWS.
"She was a kind-hearted, beautiful, gorgeous little girl."
Paramedics dealt with a six-fold increase in calls last night.
Ambulance Victoria State Health Commander Paul Holman said in his 40 years, he had never seen anything like it.
"I think a spike in calls would be the understatement of a century," he said.
An 18-year-old Greenvale high school student also died as a direct result of the storm.
Omar Moujalled died at a doctor's surgery following a major asthma attack.
His family and school community at the Australian International Academy in Coburg are devastated and the Year 12 graduation scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled.
Unbelievably tragic.

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