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The reason your phone has been using so much data recently

Yet another sneaky tool we didn’t know about.

Ever wonder why you’re constantly chewing through your data even when you’re mostly in wi-fi zones?
Turns out, there’s yet another sneaky tool that seems to be the culprit of exxy phone bills – and we didn’t even know about it.
It’s called ‘wi-fi assist’ and it’s located in the settings of all Apple iPhones.
Its purpose is to tap into your own data if the wi-fi signal you’re using is weak, so that you can have unbroken internet browsing.
Fortunately, there’s a quick and super-easy solution to change it.
Go to your settings and click on ‘mobile’.
Now you’re in ‘mobile’, scroll right down to the very bottom until you reach the ‘wi-fi assist’ tab. Turn this off.
Now you can enjoy using your data on your own terms.
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