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“Mulletfest” exists in Australia and we don’t know whether to laugh, cry or high-five these blokes


By Ellie McDonald
Just when we thought there was nothing more Australian than a red-belly black snake hitching a ride down a highway on a ute, some battler went ahead and organised a FESTIVAL to celebrate the almighty mullet.
No joke, people – the festival, which reared it's short-on-the-sides-long-on-the-back head in the New South Wales town of Kurri Kurri half-an-hour west of Newcastle.
Mullet-ing makes for thirsty work!
Age is just a number...
And not only was this a festival, but mulleted men competed for strand supremacy, contending for title including Best in the Everyday Mullet category, as well as Best in the Junior Mullet stakes.
According to The Guardian, who were on the ground (AKA at the pub at 10:30am in the morning) at this third inaugural event, those with mullets were able to measure the strength and success of their crafted crowns based on a Mullet-Meter: a shirt that measured mullets ranging between "neck warmer," "ape drape," "shagable" and "lifetime legend"
^^Streuth! OG mullet mate Johnny Farnham would be proud.
Talk about high mane-tenance!
"Aussies love an icon," says local hairdresser and co-organiser of the festival, Laura Johnson. "We have so many mullets in town, and in my family. My father-in-law had one for 60 years."
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