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The Australian Medical Association slam dunks Pete Evans over “extreme” health advice

“Willful arrogance mischievously questioning medical advice.” Grab the popcorn...

By Lorna Gray
Look, it was never going to be an easy ride defending your questionable views, was it Pete Evans?
The TV chef has come under serious fire for his controversial health views in the past so he decided to go on Sunday Night to clear all that up.
Only, it’s just served to rile people up further, and now Australia’s peak medical body – The Australian Medical Association – has come out and rubbished Pete’s ‘expert’ views as a load of old tosh.
The health professionals have slammed ‘Paleo Pete’ following the Sunday Night interview which saw Pete defending his views such as steoporosis sufferers should stop drinking cow’s milk it because takes the calcium out of your bones and bone broth is a suitable alternative for newborns when you can’t breastfeed.
Oh, and he’s got some serious issues with fluoride and sunscreen too – apparently sunscreen is toxic and fluoride is a neurotoxin.
The AMA are royally cheesed off by Evans basically questioning doctors expertise on these matters so they hit back on Twitter. Hard.
After accusing the MKR star of trying to dabble in medicine, AMA vice-president Tony Bartone told us all what he really thought:
Pete says he did the interview "to share the truth". Something tells us it's done more harm than good when it comes to clearing up his views.