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Teen parents Jayden Lavender and Jenifer Morrison allegedly targeted in “firebomb” attack

The arson attack comes as it's revealed the couple don't know where their daughter is.

The teenage parents, who made news after fleeing hospital with their three-day-old daughter and sparking a mass search, are the alleged victims of an arson attack on their home in Dharruk.

“Somebody came and lit fire to our house, I was in the lounge room ... I saw somebody on the ground looking through my door, so I went to the window and they started running with the petrol,” Jayden, 14, said to The Daily Telegraph.

“They poured the petrol and then they lit it and it went bang, everything went up.

“There were flames coming underneath the door, it was a petrol fire and I’m putting it out with water,” he went on.

*Image: 7 News*
Image: 7 News

The teenage father, who witnessed the incident occur at around midnight on Friday, says that he has been awake “crying all night” after receiving the news his daughter was discharged from hospital without his knowledge.

Jayden and his fiancée Jenifer, 15, hid their baby girl under a blanket before leaving Napean Hospital just after midnight on Thursday.

After purchasing a tent and camping supplies from Kmart, the pair, along with their daughter Aria, spent the night in the wilderness before making their way back to their home where they reside with Jayden’s mother Tracy.

It’s said the couple haven’t seen their baby since the mass 16-hour search resulted in them being found.

Jayden's mother Tracy shared these images of baby Aria on Facebook.
Jayden's mother Tracy shared these images of baby Aria on Facebook.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Aria was discharged from Napean Hospital in “good health” on Friday after a health examination, however both Jayden and Jenifer weren’t aware of this, and are now unaware of their daughter's whereabouts.

“I just want to know if my daughter is OK, I’m her father, it’s crushed me now knowing she is not at the hospital,” Jayden tells the publication, adding: “Jenny has been crying all day”.

Jayden, aged just 13 at the time, learned of Jenifer’s pregnancy on Father’s Day, according to the paper.

The couple were engaged just weeks later and planned to marry before the baby’s arrival with Ms Lavender’s consent.

However, the teenagers were unable to legally marry due to their age.

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