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Teen's elaborate pregnancy hoax revealed

A teenage girl convinced friends and family that she was having triplets for 10 months before she was finally caught out.

A teenager announced to friends, family and online support groups that she was pregnant with triplets. But when she failed to give birth 10 months later her elaborate hoax was revealed, shocking everyone that was involved.
The 16-year-old Michigan girl announced her pregnancy by producing realistic ultrasound images that she had acquired from FakeABaby.com, and her family and boyfriend began preparations to have their lives altered by the impending triplets.
Jordan, her 16 -ear-old boyfriend, was surprised by the announcement, but happy.
"I was excited, don't get me wrong, but I was scared," he told Fox2Detroit. "I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time."
Gifts and support poured in for the pair from friends and Facebook group “Moms of Triplets,” and for months no one suspected a thing – her belly was growing, she had ultrasound images and regular doctor’s appointments. Nothing was amiss until Jordan’s mother began to suspect something was not right.
“I could not find the doctor and he could never go to the doctors with her,"Krissy Wyrabkiewicz says of her son's girlfriend, but then the bomb was dropped when an Ohio woman following the story on Facebook found identical ultrasounds on hoax website FakeABaby.com and contacted the family.
"Down to baby A, baby B, baby C, the placements of the babies - they're the exact same," says Tracy Matthews, an aunt. "You can put them side by side and the only difference you're going to see is that she used a fake doctor that doesn't exist.”
Jordan’s aunt called the authorities and detectives came to her home. Under interrogation the girl admitted she miscarried at six weeks and she didn’t know what to do.
All donations are being returned, and at this time police are investigating if the girl’s parent’s were somehow involved in the deception.
The girl even named the impending arrivals.

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