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Teacher pregnant with 13-year-old student’s baby

And his parents are accepting of the relationship.

A teacher in America has allegedly had an affair with a 13-year-old student who got her pregnant and apparently, the boy’s parents are accepting of the relationship.
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Alexandria Vera, 24, an English teacher, allegedly met the boy when he was a student in her year eight class during summer school, ABC13 reports.
According to KPRC Houston, the boy sent Vera a message on Instagram asking for her number and if they could hang out alone.
According to court documents, she claims she and the teen are in love and she’s been introduced to his family as his girlfriend.
The documents also reveal that Vera – who has a four-year-old daughter according to WWL-TV - allegedly became pregnant with his baby in January.
However, after she was visited by the Child Protective Services in February, she reportedly terminated the pregnancy.
She’s charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child and a warrant was issued for her arrest.
She’s since turned herself into authorities.
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