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Target met with mixed response for using hijab-wearing model in their catalogue

It also featured disabled children.

By Amber Manto
Popular chain store Target may have a lost a few customers after it featured a woman wearing a hijab in their recent back-to-school catalogue.
While many praised the move, labelling it as showcasing the diversity of our multicultural country...
Others were more critical, suggesting Target included the woman in order to get attention since they did not appear to sell the hijab she was wearing.
They also concerned that no other religions were represented, with Target making a point of featuring Muslims only.
“I look forward to Target having a Christian woman wearing a large crucifix as we wouldn’t want Target discriminating and only promoting one religion would we?” Vettie Marr wrote on Facebook. “This isn’t an ethnicity, it’s a religion. You are advertising a religion. Big difference.”
"When people see you overcompensating for a religion that denigrates women, they'll boycott you. Your loss!" @StaunchA wrote on Twitter.Target’s standard response to the dividing opinion has been: “Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We love the diversity which can be found in our customers and always aim to reflect this in our advertising.”

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