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Tara Brown: It looks worse than it was

TV presenter Tara Brown has spoken out about life inside the squalid Beirut prison she now calls home.

The 60 Minutes reporter has spoken out about life since she was jailed in the Middle Eastern country two weeks ago.
Brown is putting a brave face on her current predicament, saying she was being treated “extremely well” and that the women in the prison were “generous and kind”.
Brown and co-accused Sally Faulkner, the mother of children at the centre of the bungled “child recovery” attempt, even told News Limited that photos of them handcuffed and apparently being manhandled by police outside a Beirut court “looked much worse than it was”.
Brown insisted their armed escorts were simply trying to protect them from the media scrum, while Faulkner added: “We were laughing in the car, all we wanted to do was not get her photo taken.”
Brown and her 60 Minutes crew members were arrested and charged with kidnapping on April 7 over an attempt to abduct Faulkner’s children Lahela, five, and Noah, three, who have been living in Lebanon with their father since he took them on “holiday” to the country and never returned them to Australia.
The children’s father Ali Elamine has said he will press charge against anyone involved and the judge has said none of the accused should expect leniency.

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