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Spooky CCTV footage shows 'ghostly figure' walking down hallway of a pub

Yeah, it’s freaky alright!

Paranormal investigators have been called in to examine CCTV footage that captured a ghostly figure walking the halls of the Dreamwater Lounge in Warrington, England.
The video, which emerged on YouTube on Saturday, claims to have been taken in the early hours of the weekend and shows the camera shaking and then a translucent figure walking along the rope bridge area of the shipwrecked themed bar.
Bar owner Simon Ellison, 44 said while the club is eerie some of the leaked tape had been embellished by internet punters to make it even more dramatic, Manchester Evening News reports.
“There is something there, moving along the rope bridge, but a lot of it has clearly been added,” said Simon.
While he is skeptical Simon, who now lives in Denmark, says he’s not sure what the figure could be.
“Everyone has different ideas,” he said. “Some say it is a woman, I have even seen people say they think it is someone on a horse. That makes me laugh because if you could see that bridge you would know you could never get a horse down there.”
Edited or otherwise the recording has still fascinated those who believe in the paranormal.
What do you think – is that a ghost?

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