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The worst possible thing to find in your fresh veggies

We would be terrified to find this.

There are a few things you can find in your fresh veggies that can be kinda gross. Tiny slugs, caterpillars, little insects. Usually you just wash it away or cut off that particular piece, easy as.

But when it’s a spider – and quite a large one – that crawls out, you have permission to run for the hills.

Well, that happened in real life to one Coles customer after the arachnid crawled out of silver beet she’d bought that afternoon.

A woman named Shena Campbell from Devonport, Tasmania, posted this creepy photo to the Coles Facebook page which shows the spider in a plastic container.

Try to look at it without shuddering.

“Eeeek, this 8 legged arachnid crawled out of the coloured silverbeet I purchased this arvo. After a mini freak out I captured it and will move it to a more suitable area (ie: far away from me). Just thought i’d let you know,” she wrote to Coles.

In a response comment, Coles said that the issue concerning (extremely so) and that they’d follow it up with their National Quality team.

No word yet on which store it came from, but it serves as a reminder to always check the fresh veggies before taking them home!

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