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Can you see the snake next to the baby's cot in this picture?

It had us stumped.

By Kate Wagner
A snake is lurking in this picture, but you spot it?
A Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher’s page heeded a warning to parents and homeowners about just how easily snakes can hide in plain sight.
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After a Queenslander found what he thought to be a young brown snake in his baby’s room right next to the cot, he gave the snake catchers a call.
The post left many baffled as they searched high and low for a snake that didn’t have many places to hide.
The snake, which turned out to actually be a yellow-faced whip snake, was actually hiding next to the box of nappies on the left-hand wall.
The snake is only rated as mildly venomous and is not considered dangerous to adults, but would cause agonising pain and discomfort to small children.
With ‘snake season’ approaching alongside the warmer weather and mating season, the photo serves as a stark reminder to be vigilant about checking nooks and crannies around the home.