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Sincerely, Frances: a letter to restore your faith in humanity

This elderly woman's kindness will make your day.

It’s one of everyone’s fears. You leave a café or a shop, and after a few minutes of frantic searching when you get home, you realise you have left your wallet behind. In the best case scenario, some kind person will have handed in into the manager.
This is exactly what happened to David, except when an elderly couple handed his wallet into the manager, they went the extra mile.
Attached to his wallet, which was handed into the Starbucks he left it at, was a note from the people that found it.
Frances' letter to David.
“Dear David,” it reads, “My name is Frances and my husband and I found your wallet at Starbucks. We tried to catch up with you when we noticed you left it behind. We are older and could not catch up.”
“Please excuse this impersonal typed note but our arthritis is very bad and can not write very well anymore. We noted you were very upset when you left the store.
We hope you are ok and the return of the wallet is helpful. We do not want a reward so have not included our address.”
The letter finishes, “Sincerely, Frances” and is signed with a shaky hand.
Frances, what a gem.

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