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Shout-out to all the unsung heroes of Cyclone Debbie

Medical staff at Mackay and Prosperine Hospitals camped out at work in preparation.

By Lorna Gray
Spare a thought for the amazing workers in North Queensland hospitals.
Staff at Prosperine Hospital (which was on generator power!) and Mackay Base Hospital pulled out all the stops.
Medical staff were pictured sleeping at the hospitals in preparation for Cyclone Debbie, with some sleeping on the floor, others sharing meeting rooms with their entire families.
Facebook users were quick to comment these people are the unsung heroes of the community.
"What amazing people. The unsung heroes," one user commented.
"Thank you hospital staff for being there, although you must be worried about your own families and homes. Great job!" said another.
Volunteers were also there to supervise the children of critical workers as schools and daycare centres aren’t open.
“Some staff who are working tomorrow (and their families) have also bunkered down around the hospital tonight on the eve of Cyclone Debbie to ensure they can work in the morning,” one of the Mackay Base Hospital posts stated pre-storm.
The nurses below appear to have stayed the night to ensure they were able to start their shift this morning.
And Chief Executive Jo Whitehead slept in her office so she could be there to check in with staff.
Hats off to the amazing emergency staff for their hard work and continue to stay safe, everyone!

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