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'She didn’t have to die'

She died at just 23 after drinking what she thought was gin. Now her parents are trying to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

THE parents of a young backpacker who died in Indonesia after drinking cheap, poisonous alcohol have launched a campaign to warn travellers of the dangers.
The Save-a-Life campaign comes after Cheznye Emmons, 23, died after buying what she thought was gin while travelling in Sumatra.
The bottle contained methanol (also known as methyl alcohol) which is a colourless liquid with a mild alcohol odour. When ingested, it is extremely poisonous and is known to cause blindness, kidney failure, seizures and death.
Cheznye had been travelling with her boyfriend when she became sick, and then blind. Her death comes after the death of Perth backpacker, Liam Davies, who died after drinking contaminated alcohol while celebrating New Years’ Eve in Lombok.
Methanol is deliberately added to strengthen or stretch illegal alcoholic drinks, especially spirits sold in bars, shops and hotels in Bali, Lombok and Sumatra.
Figures suggest 280 people have died from illicit alcohol poisoning since 2011 in Indonesia.
A poster released by Cheznye's parents.